For a long time, people called me “Sad Lad.” It wasn’t a title I wanted, but it was the title I got. I was called this because everyone thought I was kind of depressing, on account of my inability to get myself a girlfriend. It was one of the most frustrating things in the world: I stayed in shape, I had a good job, and my friend circle was large and richly diverse. I could make plenty of friends and was out on the town every weekend, going to bars and clubs until the morning dawned.

How to Successfully Use Girlfriend Activation System

The problem only became salient when I started talking to girls. It was like they could smell the desperation on me. As each year passed and I still didn’t have a girlfriend, I became increasingly concerned. If everything seemed right, what was going wrong? Girls seemed interested whenever I first met them, but after ten minutes or so of chatting, they always seemed more than happy to turn tail and run. I was talking it over one night with one of my best friends as we sat on the porch, drinking a few beers. I asked him if there was some kind of girlfriend activation system that I wasn’t using.

He turned to me when I asked that and looked me straight in the eyes. The secret, he said, is that there is no secret. Women are not a different species, like so many flimsy articles and television shows would lead you to believe. Think about your mother, your sister, your aunt; did these women feel fundamentally different to you? When you talk to girls, you just have to treat them like human beings. The girlfriend activation system is actually just the human activation system: be friendly, courteous, and positive. For more information visit