The Philosophy of Shailendra Singh Sequoia Capital IndiaIt has been a decade of working at the firm, but shailendra singh sequoia capital india has the wisdom of many years his senior. He has a knack for sensing which companies are worth backing and which should be left alone.

One of the first things he looks for in investments are companies that have the passion, chemistry and motivation of the founders. He believes it is essential to trust the founders of any start up and also be careful. Exaggerated metrics, he believes, are a red flag and indicate the firm is not worth investing in.

As far as investing in a start up is concerned, he also has to sense that he will want Sequoia to invest with them for five or 10 years. He thinks about the future quite a lot.

He has also been challenged to disprove that most startups that get funding are alumni of certain Ivy League schools. He most certainly disproved it by noting people like Ankur Singla are attorneys and that OYO Rooms’ founder never even went to college.

As for the sectors he feels most attractive to invest in, Shailendra Singh Sequoia Capital India feels that the “hot” sectors change from year to year. However, if the sector is not hot in the founding members’ minds, it is doomed no matter how the actual market is doing.

He believes that venture capitalists tend to encourage their startups to spend more money, but that this is all right as long as there is enough left over to continue building the firm.

The business world is all about survival of the fittest in Singh’s mind. If a business cannot continue to build it cannot grow and thrive. It does this with the money it receives from venture capitalists like him.